Name: Finger Elephant
Description: Leather Souvenir
Client: Istituto Oikos
Year: 2019
Material: Leather
Size: 200 mm x 160 mm

The Terra project invites designers to create souvenirs in order to transform the leather, which today is a waste for the Maasai community, on an opportunity for redemption for women and the community itself. The shape is provided with two holes and, if it’s folded on itself, it represents an elephant, the animal symbol of Africa. The finger, passing through the two holes, creates the shape to create the trunk. The processing, which only consists of cutting the leather, is intuitive and it facilitates the production. A simple object that invites children and adults to play with fantasy and that represents hope and dignity for Maasai women.

Thanks to: Altromercato, Arusha Regional District, Conceria Newport srl, Istituto Oikos, Naba – Claudio Larcher, Tanzania Maasai Women Art

Published on Adi Design Index 2019, Designboom, Domus and others.